Breastfeeding, it’s such a beautiful thing…

Breastfeeding, it’s such a beautiful thing…. It’s the best food for your baby and your child will be better protected against potential diseases.

As a brand new mother, it’s sometimes hard to find the right way though, how do you feed your baby, does he/she drink enough? Am I producing enough milk?

With some mothers it goes very well at once, but for others it’s quite a struggle. Milk production could only come on slowly, or your baby can’t feed properly, and so you have many other things… but once it works out, it’s so beautiful!

I myself have breastfed for almost 2 years. The first week didn’t go well, Roan fell off and we had to feed him by hand and I had to pump. And I’ll never forget the pain… But after 2 to 3 weeks it actually went perfect and we are blessed with a perfect breastfeeding period.

First I went for 3 months, then 6 and then 9. It actually went so well that we just decided to wait until it would stop by itself. At some point Roan got sick and didn’t want to drink for a couple of days, that was the moment I decided to stop. And for him it was fine too.

Despite the fact that I have been breastfeeding for so long, you quickly forget the little things. Like how those little hands can fidget on your necklace or clothes. Roan always had to hold your finger. How was/is that with you?

Especially in the beginning Roan always fell asleep after feeding. It’s really a special moment of you and your baby together. You get some rest, enjoy each other. From the touching, the contact together and the cuddling.

But what I don’t have are pictures of all these moments together… In the first week my mother took some pictures with bird’s nest on her head in childbed… Furthermore I made maybe 2 selfies. Other than that I have nothing… That’s a pity!

Recently I captured a beautiful mommy with her daughter during the feeding. These have become such valuable photos for her. A beautiful memory of a time that will soon stop.

Now there is also the possibility for you to book a breastfeeding session! I will capture you and your baby while feeding and your moments together. You can do this with your baby in the beginning but also when he is a bit older. Then you will have more contact with your baby.

We can do this in your familiar environment at home. But it is also allowed on location when the weather is nice and warm in nature or in the studio!

Love, Mayera